A natural light  school and family photographer
based in British Columbia, Canada.


How do I take fantastic photos of my kids?

As a professional photographer, I have a few suggestions for improving your shots of kids: Get down to their level: When photographing kids, it’s best to get on their level so you can capture their genuine expressions. This will allow you to get a more genuine and interesting shot of their expressions and emotions. Use […]


Why don’t my kids want to take photos with me?

Being a photographer, I can appreciate the need to document precious childhood moments in photographs. Keep in mind that not every kid likes having their picture taken. Children’s reluctance to pose for photographs with their parents may stem from a number of factors.To begin with, people could experience anxiety or shyness when being filmed. It […]


Spring family photos: What to wear

We have made out of winter and it’s time to show off some colour for your spring family photos! What do I wear is always the first question I receive from clients so I wanted to give you some ideas. Here are my top five tips for you this season. First, go for pastels and […]


When to take family photos

Time of day is the most important for a photo session. The first hour of light after the sun rises and the last hour of light before sun sets gives us the most beautiful soft, warm light. It’s actually called the golden hour by photographers, for good reason. The sunshine can cause harsh shadows and […]

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Amy is a natural light school and family photographer based in British Columbia, Canada.

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